About Western Maple Bio

WMB targets developing sustainable technologies and bio - economy through:

Biological Resources

Utilization of bio-resources to replace petroleum for production of chemicals and materials.

Green Products

Creation of green chemical products to reduce health hazard.

Environment Friendly

Development of green chemical processes to reduce environmental footprints.

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Who we are?

Aiming at development of transformative green chemical technologies and bio-products, WMB’s ingenious team of scientists and engineers dedicate to transforming lab innovations to industrial applications and markets. Partnering with BIC (Bio-industrial Innovation Centre) Canada and Western University, WMB has wide access to state-of-the-art expertise and research facilities.

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Biobased formaldehyde-free wood adhesive

WMB’s patent-pending Biobased formaldehyde-free wood adhesives are derived from forestry/agricultural biomass/residues

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Cellulose based super absorbent polymer

Cellulose is one of the major components in forestry and agricultural Biorefinery Biomass and Residues.

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Bio-based polyurethane foams

Unique liquefaction technology to fractionate forestry and agriculture biomass to biooil and cellulose

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